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  • Server Changes
    Game moved to another server.
    HTTPS enforced.

  • Easter Tourney 2013
    Biggest tourney till now with a prize pool of 100B. All players levels 30+ are welcomed.

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Latest Updates
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Quick Guide

1. The first thing you want to do after logging in into your account is to check your hero. He is the most important part of the game. Everything in the game depends on his level from how many buildings you can have to how quick your researches will advance. Also some game features will be available depending on your hero's level.

2. To survive you need people and resources. Wood and Stone are easy to gather, just build quarries and wood cutters. Gold is more tricky. You have to have people working on your lands and they will provide gold and food in the same time.

3. Check your researches. Researches are the second most important part of the game.

4. Build army to defend against hostile kingdoms or to attack other cities or monsters.